CAA MyPace™ - Q&A

May 25, 2018 / Debbie Harrison

More information will follow in the coming weeks.


Is CAA MyPace™ a new insurance product? 

No.  CAA MyPace is a payment program that allows Ontario motorists a unique way to control their insurance use and costs. The coverage is the same great product your customers expect from CAA Insurance today.

Why is CAA Insurance doing this?

CAA Members have told us that they are looking for more choice and control when it comes to auto insurance. They want solutions that fit their lifestyle and as customer driven organization we are dedicated to do that.

Has this been approved by FSCO?

Yes, we worked with the Government and FSCO to make sure the program is compliant with the laws and that we had the right program that fits the lifestyle needs of Ontario motorists while offering choice. It was approved in February.

How does CAA MyPace work?

It’s simple and easy. Drivers enroll and prepay, like you would with any other CAA Insurance policy, install the CAA MyPace device in their car and drive.

Kilometres are reloaded in 1000 km increments automatically, so motorists only pay for what they use.

When will this be available for consumers?

We are planning to launch CAA MyPace to consumers in Ontario in July. More details will be shared in the coming weeks.

Do you have to be a CAA Member to get CAA MyPace? 

No, CAA MyPace is designed for any low-mileage drivers in the Province of Ontario.

Do CAA Members receive a discount?

Yes.  CAA Members will still receive a discount on their insurance when enrolled in CAA MyPace payment program.

Who is CAA MyPace right for?

This program will appeal to seniors, the downtown commuter using public transit to commute to work and those motorists that have two vehicles with one only being used for weekend excursions. Those motorists driving less than 9000 km/yr should benefit.

What happens if someone goes over 9,000 km?

Once a customer reaches 9,000 KM they will not be charged for additional mileage. There is a small monthly administrative fee to stay on the program.  The customer could also then choose to move to a policy type that better fits their driving needs. 

Why is 9,000 km the magic number?

Our models tell us that motorists who drive less than 9,000 kilometres deserve to pay less, so we designed a payment program that reflects that.

How will someone know they are close to the 9,000 km?

Customers receive a notification to let them know when they are close to the end of each 1000 km increment, making it easy to monitor usage throughout the year.

Is this the first program of its kind in Canada?


How is this insurance program different?

CAA MyPace uses telematics devices and uses it to give consumers a new way to monitor and manage their millage.

Do people really want to share their information with all the privacy concerns now?

CAA Insurance has built trust with consumers with our CAA Connect® program. Through this program, it has been proven that consumers have the appetite and willingness to control their discount savings by monitoring driving behavior.

Will the telematics technology track driving habits that can affect your customers insurance premiums?

The data will not be used to increase insurance premium rates or monitor driver’s movements.  It is being used to allow customers to monitor their mileage. 

Will this program be cheaper for all motorists who drive less than 9,000 km?

While individual policies vary, in general, if a motorist drive less than 9,000 kms and has a good driving record, CAA MyPace could save them money.