Holding a smart phone and using CAA Mypace application.

CAA MyPace™

July 04, 2018 / Debbie Harrison

Empowering motorists to reduce, manage and pay premiums on the go.

CAA MyPace™ - First of its kind in Canada

Consumers today want choice on how they purchase, pay for and use things.  Whether it’s coffee drinkers paying for their morning latte using an app or busy professionals ordering dinner.   It’s about control and making choices that fit the consumer in the moment

Today most families have 2 or even more cars in the driveway. One car we drive all the time, every day, everywhere. The other we use only on the weekends. Two cars, two different needs. Different needs should mean having different insurance options.

Or maybe we only have one car and choose to use transit, or bike or walk. Many of us still need a car but the traditional insurance available does not meet every lifestyle choice.

The task facing CAA Insurance was to create a way for motorists to have the freedom to drive when they want to drive and the ability to manage their auto insurance costs to fit their lifestyle.

CAA Insurance knows that, for those who don’t drive much each year, the question to be answered was, “Why can’t I pay for coverage in a way that is tailored to my driving habits”?

Three things have come together at just the right time for CAA Insurance to be able to enable our opportunity to be first in Canada to offer a unique auto insurance payment program

  1. Usage Based Insurance Technology allows us to easily track distance
  2. Desire for consumers to control their purchases using technology

Willingness to share information if it creates a strong value for them

Introducing CAA MyPace™

CAA Insurance is excited to launch CAA MyPace, the first auto insurance payment program of its kind in Canada. 

CAA MyPace is a payment plan that provides the best way for motorists to, reduce and manage their auto insurance premiums, and save over an annual plan if they are a low mileage driver.

CAA Insurance has the technology in place with our CAA Connect program.   Through our program, it has been proven motorists have the appetite and willingness to control their discount savings through monitoring driving behavior.

The need is to provide hassle-free and up to date policy management and easily purchase more coverage through an easy to use app.

Low mileage motorists want to pay for what they use and save on premiums compared to an annual policy