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Offering your customers more choice

August 25, 2022 / Sarah Manley

Every driver in Manitoba and Saskatchewan knows that basic automobile insurance is mandatory and must be purchased through government run insurers.

These basic policies offer a foundation of coverage so that drivers can legally operate their vehicles on the roads – and in many cases, the amount of coverage and limits are not often enough. Drivers have historically had the option to ‘top-up’ their insurance through these government insurers and a handful of other carriers.

At CAA Insurance, we recognize that your customers deserve choice and control when it comes to automobile insurance and having access to the coverage they need. With this principle in mind, we are excited to launch our new CAA Automobile Extension Insurance product in Manitoba and Saskatchewan, effective September 1, 2022.

“Our mission has always been to keep Members and drivers safe, says Matthew Turack, Group President at CAA Insurance. “The CAA Automobile Extension Insurance product will serve as the perfect option for people looking for choice with their extended auto insurance needs.”

Not only will our product offer more options for drivers looking to purchase additional insurance, but we’re proud to say that we are offering additional discounts and new-to-market endorsements that are not offered through any other insurer.

“Insurance isn’t supposed to be complicated,” continues Turack. “Now, basic government-issued coverage and CAA Auto Extension Insurance can be purchased together, giving drivers peace of mind knowing they have great coverage at the best possible price.”

To find out what we’re offering, please review these high-level product overviews:

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