A flooded road with traffic cones all over the place.

When Disaster Strikes

July 09, 2018 / Debbie Harrison

When our policyholders need us most, we’re there and ready to assist. Learn more about how we respond to inclement weather or natural disaster.

At CAA Insurance, we pride ourselves in taking care and doing what’s right for our policyholders, especially in times of weather or natural disaster.  When our policyholders need us most, we’re there and ready to assist. Our unique approach in handling emergency situations is what makes CAA Insurance the go-to insurance company since 1974.

For starters, our claims team are proactively monitoring real time weather alerts through Twitter and other social platforms as well as various weather apps. When bad weather hits, they quickly identify all policyholders in the affected area and put a plan in place to reach out to each to ensure they’re safe and to provide any help or support needed during this time.

Back in February of this year, the City of Brantford declared a state of emergency due to flooding.  Very quickly, the CAA Claims Adjusters were on the phone. Robert Caldwell, Supervisor of Property Claims explains “Collaborating as a company, we are able to isolate the affected areas, identify all policyholders that may be affected and reach out to provide support.  Our policyholders were both surprised and delighted to hear from us so early in the process”.   

Being proactive in the moment allows our adjusters the ability to react quickly whether in the office or working remotely. They are connected and able to quickly respond to any situation.   

When a policyholder calls the claims department they are connected to an Adjuster who will answer all questions and inquiries immediately on the first call.   

Our Claims Adjusters also act as consultants, providing policyholders with the information they need to make informed decisions in the claims process.  They immediately begin the claims process and work on getting our policyholders back in the position they were in prior to the loss as quickly as possible. 

 As Kyla Chiappetta, Manager of Claims explained, “We provide our policyholders information and guidance through the claims process and we “claims counsel” answering all questions and addressing all concerns brought forward prior to opening a claim.  We leave our policyholders with the knowledge and confidence needed to move forward with the solution that best meets their needs.”

 What our policyholders need to know when disaster strikes.

  1. Safety is priority one.  Once all family members are safe, call CAA Insurance
  2. Mitigate the loss to avoid further damages when possible, and if safe to do so
  3. Leave the rest to us

When disaster strikes, CAA Insurance will be there to provide the personal service our policyholders deserve and have grown to expect from CAA.