Insurance That Puts People First.

We focus on the things that matter to customers so they can focus on what matters more.

We’re Customer Focused.

We support every policyholder with warmth and compassion. We know what it means to be human, and react to life’s occasional pitfalls with humanity. And we prioritize customer satisfaction, so when those pitfalls happen we can offer a softer landing.

Exclusive CAA Member Savings.

CAA Insurance is committed to protecting Members. That’s why we offer generous Member discounts – ensuring CAA Insurance is more easily available to the CAA Members under our care.

Industry-leading Satisfaction.

CAA Insurance works to satisfy all policyholders with the coverage and care we provide. Our renewal rate is amongst the highest in the industry. When you offer customers CAA Insurance, you provide them the highest quality product and enduring satisfaction.

Claims, with Compassion.

In a time of need, a call to CAA brings help. We handle claims with compassion, honesty, and fairness. Just as we would treat a family member.