Driving less? Pay less with CAA MyPace™

Shift your customers’ auto insurance into low gear and show them how to save with CAA MyPace.

We know many of your customers are spending less time behind the wheel. The CAA MyPace payment program can help them take control of their car insurance costs, by giving them the freedom to pay only for the distance they need.

Total Control.

Your customers decide when they need to buy more, at their own pace.

Rewards for Your Customers.

If your customers have a drive-less lifestyle, cost savings should be one of the rewards.


Your customers can reduce their auto insurance costs without changing their driving habits.

Potential Savings.

Use the slider to see how much your customers could save with CAA MyPace, based on their estimated annual mileage.

If your customers drive 5,000 kilometres, you could save up to 30% with CAA MyPace.

Learn More.

If you want to give your customers control of their auto insurance and help them save, check out all the details of the CAA MyPace payment program.

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