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The Broker Marketing Academy is back... and offers a whole new way to learn!

March 21, 2022 / Sarah Manley

Today’s environment is changing at its fastest pace ever.

Over the past two years consumer behavior has evolved – they are more demanding, want to conduct business on their own terms, and have a higher expectation when it comes to service and brand experience. Brokers are under pressure to position their business in today’s complex, multi-channel environment, often with limited budget and opportunity for marketing development.

We’re here to help.

CAA is the most trusted brand in Canada and has developed highly successful marketing campaigns and tactics for decades. This means we have access to a wide range of internal marketing experts, along with partnerships with industry experts – and we want to share their knowledge with you, our Broker partners.

The Broker Marketing Academy (BMA)

The BMA was developed to provide insights and tools that brokers need to further develop and hone their marketing skills to grow their business. We want to bring the learning to you with marketing insights that allow you to make marketing decisions quickly and confidently. Whether you’re looking to learn about branding, how to engage your audience or traditional marketing techniques, we have designed the BMA program to help you develop a marketing plan that fits with your business goals.

BMA… the evolution

The initial BMA was offered through a 4-day Marketing Camp in 2019, where 15 brokers came together with our marketing experts, where they had the opportunity to expand their knowledge, collaborate and share with industry professionals, in an unconventional camp-like environment.

But like everything else over the last two years, we’ve had to pivot.

We didn’t want to lose momentum with the BMA, and quickly developed some online, live webinars, that were held throughout 2020. We know that online training isn’t going away anytime soon, so we’ve created a new way to learn – at your own pace and whenever you’re ready.

Introducing: Marketing Adventures

We're excited to launch our new Marketing Adventure program that is comprised of a series of learning modules called Power Ups. A Marketing Adventure is the completion of a series of these Power Ups, which can be done at your own pace.

If you are a new marketer, or looking to embark on your brokerage’s marketing journey, we have the tools to get you started. Our Power Ups introduce the foundations of marketing and will allow you to build your knowledge and skillsets to meet the challenges of planning and building marketing strategies.

Each Marketing Adventure is made up of individual Power Ups. You can “stack” a series of these Power Ups to complete a Marketing Adventure or take them on an ad-hoc basis as needed. Note, in order to be eligible to participate in a future Marketing Camp event, you must have completed at least one full Marketing Adventure.

Online, self-paced learning

Our first two Power Up courses will be launched on April 4th, 2021 and will be hosted in our Learning Management System (LMS). If you haven’t already accessed LMS, you will receive your credentials and login information the week of April 4th. Once you’re set up, courses will be available for you to take when you want and at your own pace.

Courses vary in length. Once you’ve finished a Power Up, you will be asked to complete the course assessment right within the LMS. To pass the assessment, a mark of 75% or higher is required.

In Ontario, once you have successfully completed the assessment, you can then generate your RIBO certificate. This certificate can be downloaded for your records or saved in LMS.

Ready to get started?

Break through the clutter and learn about the world of marketing through our various educational opportunities. Gain the insights and tools that you can easily apply to your marketing strategy and support your business goals.

What are you waiting for?

Learn more about the Broker Marketing Academy.