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In Manitoba, CAA Insurance has a portfolio of products that our Members and non-members desire. We have detailed below what’s available in each. If you have more questions on what is offered in your region, please contact your Business Development Team.


10% discount for CAA Members, plus extended coverage for service lines, home equipment and more.


10% savings for CAA Members, plus a commitment to traveller well-being that goes above and beyond.

Legal Coverage

CAA Legal Coverage provides UNLIMITED access to a legal helpline and general advice and guidance, even if the issue is not covered by the policy.

Your Insurance Story.

The journey will help to identify your insurance risk. 

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One of the Best Retention Rates in the Industry.

CAA Members value CAA Insurance for providing the same commitment to Member safety as CAA Roadside Assistance. If you have customers who are CAA Members, it just makes sense to offer them CAA Insurance.

Customized Sales Aids and Broker Training.

Specially developed for our Broker partners, CAA Insurance helps you sell with confidence and save on paperwork.

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How Do You Spell Responsibility? N-E-W B-A-B-Y

April 15, 2019 / Katharine Gebhardt

When a new baby arrives, the last thing on parents’ minds is insurance. But it’s so important, we want to bump it up the list. This article is a quick way of showing new parents what they most need to protect their family. This is the third in the RELAX. KNOW WHAT’S COVERED series from CAA Insurance. This series positions you and CAA Insurance as advocates for insurance literacy in your community. Ideal for: Expecting or new parent. Clients who are becoming grandparents may want to pass this along too.

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Does Your Insurance Cover Those Awesome Gifts?

February 12, 2019 / Katharine Gebhardt

This article can help your clients understand the importance of adding high-value items to their policy and cause them to revisit their policy content coverage.

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